Micro Soldering for damaged

curcuit boards

Most boards can be repaired even if its been wet or a re-solder went wrong.


If you have had a repair thats gone wrong send the board to me and I will repair it.





Other products repaired

Iphones, Blackberry, Laptops,Ghd's

Sat-navs,Ipads,Xbox, Tv's and most other electrical gadgets


Our Green Credentials

The more gadgets are recyled less

resources are used.

Every bit helps.

Delivery Options

You can post or drop off.

All repairs are done on the same day

but if any delays happen you will be


Based in Runcorn near Warrington,Widnes,Liverpool,chester

Curcuit board repair. Trace repair. Curcuit track repair.

Contact times: 8am-8pm 7 days a weekOther gadgets repaired - Ipad - Blackberry - GHD - Xbox - PS3

Check other gadets for more information.